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In this illustrative infographic poster, novices of the sneaker realm are shown the anatomical makeup of their favorite shoes in a way that is reminiscent of the decades in which they were created.

Illustration // Infographic Poster

OCT 2022


Équipe is a conceptualized app and website dedicated to creating safer environments for local cycling communities. We encourage fun while staying physically active, and the bright color palette and illustrative qualities aim to foster a pleasant experience for every équipe.

App & Web Design // Branding

AUG 2022


“Blonde” is an album created by musician Frank Ocean that explores sexuality and gender identity. While the previous album cover is highly recognized, it lacks reference to the intense topics Ocean alludes to. In this album redesign, communicating those topics visually drives the color, contrast, saturation, and texture. 

Branding // Packaging

JUN 2022


Cotton District Arts Festival takes place anually in Starkville, MS. The festival includes local food, artists, crafts, and music. This family friendly, community building staple deserves a bight and fun poster to invite those from all around the county.

Illustration // Event Poster

NOV 2022

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